Editorial Policy Of The Restaurant Planet

At The Restaurant Planet, we are committed to providing food enthusiasts with the most transparent and comprehensive restaurant-related information. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the #1 restaurant blog in the UK, delivering top-notch content and insights to our valued readers.

Accuracy and Transparency

As of now, we cover Complete Menu with Prices and Individual Menu Prices. 

For Full Menu with Prices

For Full Menu with Prices, we cover 4 countries of the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our prices are accurate as we directly provide them from the restaurants (not from any third-party platform). 

Check out how we create and update Full Menu with Prices.

For Individual Menu Item Prices

For Individual Menu Item Prices, we cover all the 9 boroughs of England. For Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, prices of each store are provided. 

Check out how we create and update Individual Menu Item Prices.

Legal Disclaimer

We are not affiliated with any restaurant. The prices we provide can vary in some places depending upon the expenses the restaurant has to incur in that region. For example, Central London is most of the one expensive areas in England. So, there can be a little difference in the pricing. Similarly, it can be different at airports, railway stations, etc. 

User Interaction

We always encourage users by inviting questions, comments, and feedback about their favourite restaurants. The Restaurant Planet has a dedicated email for general questions, collaborations and more on the contact page. 

We also have a comment section at the end of each post where they can ask their queries. Every comment is first checked for personal attacks, offensive language, or spam. Then only they are approved. 

Privacy Policy

We don’t misuse readers’ data. You can check our detailed privacy policy. 

Copyright and Attribution

We avoid using third-party images and never use plagiarized content. But in many cases, we have to use images from restaurants to give a reference to our readers. In those cases, we keep in mind to attribute the sources of that image.